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Goals of Program 

Mindfully Muslim is ideal for Muslims struggling with stress, sadness, pain, isolation, chronic worrying, shame, guilt, anxiety, trauma or depression. It is also open to non-Muslim allies and mental healthcare providers who wish to deepen their understanding of the Islamic perspective on wellness, illness, suffering & existence.


Rooted in Qur'anic and prophetic traditions, clients will learn skills & practices to be at peace with their mind, body, and soul. This program will help clients find inner awareness and self-empowerment through connection with the Most Compassionate, oneself, the earth & the present moment. It is ideal for Muslim women in need of relief from their mental and emotional suffering, future groups will be held for men & youth, inshAllah. 

Goals of Program


“I love the spiritual connection to Islam.  How everyday activities were tied to Allah and Islam.”

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